Civil War Letter March 1864

Alexandria Lousa March 23

Dear Mother

I thot I wold write you a few lines to let you know that I am still alive—I don’t know when this letter will get started. We can’t tell enything about the mail here. Well I will give you a little account of our trip. We left vixburg [Vicksburg MS] on the 10 with a fleet of 19 transports and 15 gunboats. Got to Natches morning of the 11. Started up the Red River in the afternoon. We thot it was the Red River but we found out that ware on a nother small river. I have forgoten the name of it. We left Red River to the rite [?] We run untill night and layd up [the] 12. Started again untill evning. Layd up [the] 13. We all got of[f] the Red and went out 4 milles to take a fort cald fort Morgan [?], but the Rebs left before we got thare. We then went back to the Road and got 7 days rashens and started again. It was 9 o’clock at night before we got started for fort de’bussy [?]. We marched untill 1 o’clock, layd down 2 hours and 14 got up and started again. Our Reg was in the advanse. We past threw small towns, the last town we came to they histed a white flag and clamed protection. Our Reg was put out for gards. We staid thare untill all the rest past thru town. We ware then within 3 miles of the fort. We took our gards of[f] and started. We ware then clear in the rear of the whol armey. They comensed fighting at the fort just as we left town. We went on about 2 miles and stopt. The shells came over us prity thick. We had not been thare but a few minets untill orders came for the 27th  to go to the frunt. We got up and started we had to go rite past our Battery. The shells came thick and fast. We ware ordered to lay down. We got up again and went a few steps and had to lay down again. We laid thare a few minets and got up and went a peace further. We got out of the timber, then we took of[f] all our blankets and things. We were in plain site of the fort. The bolets was falling thick as hail all around us. Orders came for the 27th to charge on he fort and we all let out a yel and started. We went into the fort and did not lose a man. Our Reg—and the 24 [?] was the first Rigments in the fort. We took 800 prisners and 10 guns. We then went back a mile and campt. The boats all went back to the mouth of the Red River and came up to the fort. The morning of the 15th we wnt down to the Boats, got on them and started for this plase. Got there the 16. Been here ever since. We expect to fo up the river to shrevport. We expect to have some fighting to do before we get that plase. We don’t know how soon we will leave here. I gess I will have to stop for this time. Derect your letter to Cairo. Tell Maid [Maude, his sister] that I got all them things that she and dan sent me. I am mutch obliged to them for sending them. Tell dave that Warren [?] Clouf [?] want to know wheather he has got all the pay for that {marker?] or not.

He wanted me to write to him about it. I have not got time to write now. When I write home I intend it to be for all hands. Well I must stop so ne more at present. From your Boy.

William H Nelings

Write soon. Give my love to all hands.

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