Bancroft SD Registry List

Years ago, while visiting Bancroft SD, we found many books of city records in the Jail.

Registry List
Election To Be Held 19

[On the inside, fold-out sheet of paper]

Le Sueur July 1st, 1886
Town of Le Sueur
1886 To C.H. Duck
March 9th To Notifying Constable Stone of appointment 25
March 10 To Notifiying O.S. Purinton as overseer 25
To Notifying W.H. Pratt of Error in bill 25
March 17 Filing 12 overseers poll lists [unknown abbrev] 1.20
Notifying 2 Supervisors for March 22nd 50
March 22 Notifying [Conroy?] to appear June 28th 25
Services as clerk March 22nd 1.50
April 20 Notifying 3 Supervisors to draw Jury 75
Posting 3 notices for Jurors 75
Delivering 12 Road tax and Poll books 3.00
1 day in writing up 12 tax & Poll books 1.50
April 30 1 day as clerk in drawing Jury 1.50
Notifying John Lord of disallowed bill 25
Notifying John Baldridge of appointment 25
May 6 Notifying 3 Supervisors of Special Election (Bonds) 75
18 One day Clerk of Election Bonds (Court-house) 2.00
19 One day Returning Poll book to Co Clerk 2.00
June 19 Postage Stamps to July 1st 50
Notifying Supervisors of Meeting June 28th 75
Notifying Wm [Mr?] Currier to appear June 28th 25
Filing Official Oath of O.S. Purinton 10
June 28 Services as Clerk of Equalization board 1.50
29 Services as Clerk of Equalization board 1.50

Recd payments in Order No 31 July 1st
1886 C.H. Duck

Bill approved by
Board June 28th

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