Cairo Illinois

Civil War Letter


Cairo Nov 15 1862

Dear Mother

We have got to Cairo at last, but we don’t know how long we will stay her. We got here on Friday. Thare is about 800 prisners here. They look prity harde. They say they will fite till they dy. Thare hase been 9 or 10 Regements past thru here within the last day or too. They are going to Corinth. I expect we will stay here untill we get our filout [?] and then we will start for Corinth. It is a hard looking plase here, we don’t want to stay here if we can help it. You have to pay too [press?] for every thing you by. Thare was some of our Compney left at praredushen [Prairie du Chien]. Bengemen Wilkey and C. Wilkens. They took the next trane and folwed. They did not catch us untill we got here. We herd that S. Miller was not expect to live. I want you to tell how Jim [James W. Nelings, William’s brother who had typhoid fever] and all the rest of the Boys is getting along. We mis them very mutch but don’t let Jim come untill he gets perfickly well fore it is a hard plase fore a sick man. I am all rite yet except a bad cold. I have cot more cold since I came down here. I have not got mutch to write this time fore I expect Jim will tell you all the things that happened before he went home and thare hase nothing hapend since as I know of. These 5 or 6 gun boats here and some big guns. They fire of[f] a gun at sun rise and one at sun set, it makes the hills sing. I wont write to George [could be George L. Nelings] to day. I have not had time to write to him yet. I expect he thinks I never will write to him. You will have to direct your letter to Cairo and if we leve here it will be sent on after us. Mind and tell how all the boys is and all the rest of you. Give my love to all hands and don’t forget Florence. So no more at present. WH Nelings

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