Civil War Letter


Fort Snelling Novem 3 1862[1]


Dear Sister


I receved your letter yesterday and was very glad to here from you all. It has been some time since we herd from you. We got all of them letters at the same time. Well I can give you a ida of Solgering. We left here for Milllack on the 14 of Oct. and got back on the 2 of Novem. It was 135 miles. We seen prity hard times while we ware gon. We marcht from 15 to 20 mil a day, lade down at night on the wet grown. We had tents to lie in but the grown was wet. We had Meat and potatos part of the time. We got flower and had to bake oyrselves  All the way we had to bake was to mix it up with water and stick it on a stone and lay it up to the fire. We had nothing else to put in it. You cold brake a stone with it. It was all the quartermasters falt fore he col[d] of got plenty fore us to eat if he had wonted to. Capton Drips says that he never herd tell of Solgers baking thare bred on a march before. It has made about 60 of them sick. The officers had a hard time to keep there boys from killing him. Jim has been sick but he is getting better now. We campt handy to Towns coming back and I got him into the taverns whare I cold tend to him and he rode on the wagons. He got something better to eat then he wold have goten in camp. Thare was about 400 Enduns thare, they looked hard as thunder. I joind the artilery to go up there. Bengeman was Capt. He took sick and came back before we got thare. He has got well now. We ware 10 days in the timber and never saw a white woman while we was in the timber. We have got orders to go to Cairo, I expect we will start on Saterday the 8. I do not know wheather we will pass McGregor in daylight or not. I wold like to see some of the National folks down thare. I want some of you to see about our bounty. Tell mother to use it fore what ever she wants. I wold of sent some home but I have lent 15 dollars and it cost a good bit to get things for Jim. Well I will have to stop and help to get supper. It is getting late. I will write a nother letter and leve it at McGregor as we go down. The boyss is all wonting to get down South. They say that they did not inlist to fite the red skins. Part of our Regement hase gon, they went before we got back. Thare was only 6 compneys went up thare, the other fore hase gon down. I think we will fare a little better than we have done up here. Well I will try and finish this letter. Henry Benders and I have been out to get some Chickens fore the boys. He is helping to take care of them. He is as good a fellow as ever lived. We are going to have things fore they boys as long as we have eney money to get it with. I gess Jim has nothing but a bad cold. He has been sick for a week. John Brookes, L King, Webster Jones, R Tews Sike Miller and Sam Tansant [?] is sick. We have our hands fool. T Shales has been helping us but he has quit. I gess that I am to tuf for them. I have had that same cold that I had before I left. My eyes has been sore but I think I can stand it. I have not ansers Georges letter yet but I will try and anser it before we leve here. Tell dan that I will write to him as soon as I can. I think you will have a nuf of babys thare after bit if you all keep on. I wont you to tell mother that I have oaid that bill of Philip Shaless so if Cortas says eney thing about it tell him that it is paid. I will will put the bill in the letter and you can keep it. Well I will have to stop fore this time. I will write a letter when we go down the river a[ns] tell you how Jim is.

Here is a kiss for Florence, tell her to write a longer letter the next time. Give my love to all hands.

Your affectionate brother WH Nelings

[1] On October 11, 1862 the regiments was ordered to St Paul and Ft Snelling to superintend the payment of annuities to Indians. “Historical Sketch of 27th Regiment Iowa Volunteer Infantry”

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