David “Dickie” Nelings Autograph Book

One of the items gifted by my cousin was David “Dickie” Nelings’ autograph book. Autograph books were used to collect signatures, well-wishes, and addresses of school friends and teachers (http://www.ohiohistoryhost.org/ohiomemory/archives/2546). Usually, autograph books were kept by young women, in this case, however, a young man had an autograph book.

David Nelings, the son of Daniel T. Nelings and Elmina (Osborne) Nelings. David was born in 1886 in Foster Township, what was then Dakota Territory and is now South Dakota. David never married and lived with other unmarried siblings in the farmhouse in Foster Township, Beadle County South Dakota.

David, or Dickie’s, autograph book had 29 entries, most by his family in 1895, when Dickie was 9.

In addition to the autographs, there are a number of stickers. These include dogs, flower baskets, and watering cans.


Autographs by Dickie’s family:

Jan 11 1895. Dear Dick, On this leaf in memory prest, may my name forever rest. Your girl, Pearl Tyrrell [Pearl was Dick’s sister born in 1884 and married John Waddington in Redfield South Dakota].


Jan 11. Dear Dick, Never trouble till it troubles you. Ruby Tyrrell. So Dak. [Ruby was David’s sister, born in 1885 and wife of Hugh McClure].


Dick. “Trifles make perfection but perfection is no trifle.” Jennie Nelings. Jan 7 1894 [Jennie was Dick’s sister, born in 1862, and married Thomas B. Tyrrell].




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