Tyrrell Family Reunion

I spent the past 10 days at a family reunion in Montana. This was the first reunion that the “younger” generation has planned and executed and I am exhausted. It felt like I spent the entire 4 days of the reunion, and the 3 days before, cooking and preparing and cleaning.

A challenge was balancing discussion of the family’s past with making memories for the future. That, and having accurate family trees and charts printed out for people to look at. Since Ancestry has stopped supporting Family Tree Maker, and with the very buggy FTM2014, I can no longer update information about people on the tree. Nor can I add, delete, or attach/detach people. In other words, FTM has provided me with a static tree that is incorrect and cannot be changed. I have a lot of notes attached to people, these I can still edit.

One cousin gifted attendees with a selection of items formerly owned by Nelings and Tyrrell family members, including autograph books and jewelry. In the coming days I will be posting images and some research on these items.

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