Letter from home, Civil War

Civil War Letter


National July 30


Dear Will. I received a letter from you on Satterday writen on the 10. I was very glad to here you were still well when so many thare is sick. That is my great fere that you will be kept thare untill you are down sick and not able to come home. It seems strange you are not discharged well as others. I think your officers cannot halve attended to thare business right, but I think you will shurly be discharged before long. Keep up your spirits as toward you keeping you down in that sickly place when you are doing nothing and no need of you thare. If you get discharged against the time you enlisted it wont be long. Harvest will comence here this week. The crops looks very good. We are well as usual. Dave has not got home yet. She expects him this week. I saw Enock on  Satterday he was well. I gave him your letter to read. Sam Bucks wife was buried last week. The friends to the boys in this place is well. [Keep?] as well as you can untill you are honorably discharged. If you only keep well that is that great matter. I believe the 21 is hime, they enlisted the same time you did. Burky that is in the 27 wrote a letter to uncle Jim giving a Awful description of it down thare, He says the discontent is dreadfull and you do not get enough to eat. One spell you had nothing to eat but parched corn and that you had to steal from the mules. If one half is true he says it is bad enough. I think government is not doing thair duty. I believe I have  no news to write. I hope you will be home before this gets to you. Take as good care of yourself as you can and keep up hart. That you may be spared health and strength to return to your home is the prayer of your


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