WH Neling letter home

This letter retains the spelling of the original.

Grand [E]core Louisiana

April the 17 [1864]

Dear Mother

I recived a letter from you the other day dated the 11. I was glad to here from you. It was the first I had since I left vixburg. I wrote to you when we ware at Elexander and told you about taking that fort. It was a prity hot plase for a while but we have seen hoter plases since we came up the River 100 miles and stopt. Banks’ forses went on to Shrevport [Shreveport] but they got stopt before they got there. On Friday they had a fight. The Rebs drove him back 15 mil—captured 180 teams and 3 peaces of artilery and took nearley all of the 13 Corp, we got orders on Thursday to come and reinforse him but we did not get those till Friday night. Saturday morning Gen. Smith led us in to the front. Banks wonted to retreate but Smith wold not do it. He sad he wold fight them with his one [own hand?] before he wold retreat. We laid thare in line of battle all day untill 4 o’clock in the afternoon, then the Roll {Boll? Ball?] opend. The Cavelrey maid a charge on us and they ware repulsed. They tried it three times and we drove them back. Them the infentrey came up, they opend on us prity thick but we gave them as good as they sent. At last they drove our rite and left back and then they crossed fire on us. We seen that is we did not soon get out of that plase we wold all soon be prisners, so we comenced to fall back. Then they pord it into us. We fel back to the other line and thare we turned the cuses. The fight lasted 2 hours. We took 1500 prisners and 22 peaces of artilery back from them. Our Reg lost 91 men killed and wonded. Our Company lost 10 men wonded and nun killed. You were not aquanted with eney of them. We had fall back to the River for rashens. We are laying here now wating for orders. We don’t know wheather we will go up or down the river-we expect to go down.

I will have to stop for this time. Write soon and direct to Cairo. Give my love to all hands.

I will write you a longer letter the next time. I have not got time today.

From your boy WH Nelings

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