Helmbolt and Keith Wedding

The courtship and wedding of Thomas Helmbolt and Eugene Keith was as exciting, and mysterious, as their life in Canada.As reported by the Twin Falls News in 1907:

Miss Eu Gene K. Keith of Payette and Thomas G. Helmbolt of Salubria, Idaho, were married at the Hotel Perrine at midnight last Friday…under somewhat romantic circumstances.”

Thomas tried to get a wedding license that afternoon. Since he was a stranger to Twin Falls, Thomas was not aware that the county clerk had left for his farm. Folks in Twin Falls heard about the desire of the couple to be married that day, and everyone from the Assessor to the Mayor offered to marry them (on a tax receipt, water contract or poll tax receipt and not a marriage license, however). At long last the Deputy Clerk G.H. Smith was spurred from his bed and issued the license. Even though the hour was late, so many from the town had heard about the situation that the midnight wedding was well-attended. Two local men acted as flower girl and maid in waiting, and the boys drank long for the health of the bride and groom.

Helmbolt Keith wedding news


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