Frank Delos Tyrrell. Pilsen Czechoslovakia. 3 Sept 45

Pilsen Czechoslovakia Mon 3 Sept 45

Dear Sis Geo and kids:

It seems as though I have a hell of a time settling down long enough to write a letter but I make a stab at it whenever possible.

Since I have been in Division Hq I have been traveling a lot. Last week on Mon I flew to another div. Hq near Beyreuth then on Tues I flew to Salzburg and to Linz both of which are in Austria. Then on Wed up into Czechoslovakia and on Thur I flew down to a town near Munich. Fri I came up to Pilsen for a few days to arrange some business with another division. I expect to finish and return to Division tomorrow so I can take a 1 day leave to the Riviera or into Switzerland. I am really seeing this God forsaken country. I’ll see it well enough so I won’t have to come back.

I got a letter or note from Amy Peterson the other day requesting me to fill out a form for the Preb Guiding Light, helping hand or something of the sort. What the hell, has Amy gone off the deep end? I would have filled it out and returned it but unfortunately I lost track of the slip. Not that I want the magazine, paper or whatever it was. So if , when you see her, you will tell her I lost the slip but you don’t think it would pay to send it because I may be coming home in Nov and papers are very slow in coming. The De Smet news is always from a month to six weeks and longer in reaching me.

How is Wanda’s husband getting along? He has a reason to be bitched off for the Jerry’s weren’t nice. But I doubt if he has seen men in a condition of some Tommies that my Bn helped free. They had been prisoners since Africa. I figure any one getting out with his health was lucky as hell. [This was likely at Polleben.]

Don’t take the concentration camps lightly. Newspapers and movies can’t begin to describe them, all they are are pictures. I have a pretty strong stomach and have seen a lot of horrible things but by god that turned me inside out. [Terry is likely describing the liberation of Nordhausen.]

Nope, the longer I stay over here the more I wonder just what the hell this..
war settled. [there appears to be a break or missing page] An American never will understand how these people think or how to treat them. We are different from the people here (except the German) as day and night.

Enough bitching for one night.

Love Terry

P.S. I hope to be home in time to use those shotgun shells.

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