Frank Delos Tyrrell. Somewhere in Germany. 13 April 45

Somewhere in Germany 13 April 45

Dear Sis and Family:

Just a note to let you know I am O.K. I don’t have much time to write to anyone now days for when we are pushing we go night and day catching a cat nap when we can. You get so damn tired you loose all sense of time dates and days. I hope that it ends soon. When you get that tired you get careless and that’s what I did the other day and damn near for mine from a sniper. I think I learned my lesson and it wan’t happen again. From now on I shoot first and ask questions later. They are a dirty sneaking bunch of rotten bastards. They are whipped and know it but still keep on fighting. Well one consolation, they can’t keep it up much longer. Although I don’t think the country will ever fall like it did on the last war I think we are fighting a war of occupation right now. I think we will have to occupy the whole country by force and hold it the same way.

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t make the trip to the coast.  I will be stopping in when we go through if they don’t ship us to the CBI theater before we have a chance to breathe.

Pass my letter or the news I am O.K. on. I don’t expect to write. I do well to get one off to Midge more than once or twice a week.



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