Frank Delos Tyrrell Oct 6 1944. Somewhere in Europe

Somewhere???? 6 Oct 44

Dear Sis:

I received your package to-day. It has been so long since I have had a good cigar that I smoked Tommy’s first so I would enjoy it more.
Midge keeps me pretty well posted on all the family even though I don’t have time and I don’t write often when I do have time.
I bought several bottles of good perfume for Midge. I ams ending it through a little at a time. If it all goes through OK I’ll mail her some more. Otherwise I’ll hang on to it until the war is over. I have been buying all the “Chanel” #5 and #22 I can get. It’s fairy cheap in France but as expensive as hell in America.
I I remember, Maynard Muilenberg’s number correctly mine is two less than his.
I sent Midge some cameras and I have one very good one that I am carrying. It belonged to a Gerry major but the son of a bitch won’t miss it now. I took 2 rolls of film, but didn’t understand all the gadgets so the pictures didn’t turn out. I think I have learned how to run it so I should get some good pictures of Adolph’s country.
I’ll send you a good Gerry flag as soon as we get into Germany.
Thanks again to you and the kids for the cigars.
Tell George to have a jug on hand because I am going to celebrate from New York to Seattle. I have sent Midge a few hundred dollars from my earnings (?) to finance one hell of a big party.
Every one has their idea of when the war with Germany will end. My idea is October will damn near see the end if not its end. I can dream can’t I.

So long for now


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