Frank Delos Tyrrell, 22 Sept 1945, Germany

22 Sept. 45

Dear Sis [Celia Perry]:

I just returned from a 7 day leave on the French Riviera. I had a hell of a swell time. We flew to Nice from Munich crossing the Alps on both trips. The place or town where I stayed was Cannes, staying in the best hotels and getting tight with Mrs Rich Bitch the cream of French society is an enjoyable time for a short time, but at the end of 7 days you begin to need sleep and run low on cash. So are ready to come home.

I think I’ll be wanting to use some of those shells I am doing my damnedest to get transferred to a unit which is coming home. I have 94 points which makes my chance of a transfer pretty good. This outfit is almost like a new division because we have had so many officers and men ship out in the past few weeks and are getting low pointers in from other outfits.

You might tell anybody that was going to write to send letters to our address in Seattle from now on and contact the DeSmet News if you will to send my remaining copies to Seattle.

Don’t write to me anymore for I am pretty sure of leaving the Division in a week or 2 to start for home.


If I get a chance I will drop a line when I leave.

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