Frank Delos Tyrrell, 8 Sept 44

8 Sept 44

Dear Sis:

Just got your letter, dated Aug 10, to-day. If you don’t send them air mail they certainly come slow.

I don’t have a swastika to send you but here is the color patch from a German sailor’s summer uniform. It might make a nice pillow cover or something. I don’t pick up many souvenirs. They are too hard to carry. I have a nice camera and a couple of pistols. I did send a few home.

Things look pretty good from the rounds of the news broadcasts. I sure hope to hell it ends pretty soon as I am getting damn sick of it.  We have a lot of fun and have a few big parties but it is still going to be nice to have it end.

I have my testament I think it is in my field bag and as good as new.

Well I will bring this to a close. Hello to all the folks.


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