Frank Delos Tyrrell, 2 July 44

2 July 44

Dear Sis & family:

Just a note to let you know I am OK. Although I have opened more cans since I left France than I ever opened in my life before.

We get good rations, cigarettes, and some candy. However they neglected some of us by not giving us any cigars. The ones you sent me were O.K. I am not particular about what kind they are just so they are cigars.

I think I wrote and told you I was in France. We are in combat over here. In a way its OK because the sooner we get into things the quicker it will be over and baby that can’t be too quick to suit me.

Once I get back to Seattle you will probably never see me again course I think my traveling days are over.

Major Brown asked me who I was writing to. He said to tell you to buy all the whiskey you can and we will stop in on our way back to the coast.

I wonder if I will get to Berlin and Paris. We missed New York and London so it wouldn’t surprise me a whole lot to be sent back to the states before I get to see either one of those cities.

Well it looks like I have a lot of work to do so I will close this and get busy.

As ever,


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