Frank Delos Tyrrell. 25 June 44

25 June 44

Dear Sis, Geo and kids:

As Tom may have told you by this time I am in France. Nothing much of anything that I can talk about and still keep my letters right.

One that we do have that is different from England and that is sunny warm weather.

I am spending my tour of duty, which happens to be from 0200-0400 this morning, catching up on my correspondence, and if I have time maybe I can study a little French.

The kids would get a kick out of the kids here. They all have their hair cut or hacked off in a kind of a Buster Brown affair. [pic] If you get what I am drawing. also they wear heavy shoes either wooden or wooden soles with leather tops. The little boys have a queer looking costume. From the front it looks like a dress but when you see them from the side you can see they have pants on with a kind of smock or apron on over the top and a belt cinched up around their waist.

I have been trying to make myself a cup of coffee using heat tabs and my canteen cup. “Heat tabs” are a white pill about 3/4 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch thick when you lite them with a match they give off quite a little heat. In fact, it takes 3 of them to hear a canteen cup of water.

O boy this night life is killing me. I find that I can smoke 4 cigarettes drink one cup of coffee and write about 1-1/2 letters in an hour.

Well Sis keep me posted and don’t expect regular answers from me from now on (as if I ever answered regularly I know. I beat you to it.)

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