Frank Delos Tyrrell. 3 April 44

3 April 44

Dear Sis:

Just a note to give you my change of address in case my card hasn’t reached you yet.

I am somewhere on the East Coast. I don’t know how long it will take my letters to reach you or yours to reach me.

I didn’t send too many change of address cards out so I would appreciate it if you would send my new address on to Fat’s, Vern’s, Cy and Dad. I think I sent one to the Nelings.

Midge is doing a little traveling before she starts to the coast. I think she is in New York now and then plans on going to Philadelphia and perhaps to Boston and Baltimore or she have started the trip in reverse order. I haven’t heard from her yet. She came East as far as Baltimore so she may still be there. When she gets back to Henderson she and Tub Brown’s wife (Roma) plan on starting back to Seattle. They may go the Northern route but I think they will be a lot wiser to go south thru Arizona. I am afraid they would strike bad weather in the mountains if they went up thru Colorado.

We had several parties before leaving Henderson so my “stock” is down to 1 pt of Old Grand Dad 1 of Canadian Club 1 of Kentucky Tavern 1/4 of PM. I didn’t drink it all. Some was sold.

My new address will be
Capt Frank D Tyrrell 0-394383
Hq3rd Bn 331st Inf
APO 83 â„… Post Master New York N.Y.

Love Terry

Has Tommy been getting any pheasants with my rifle or has his granddad borrowed it from him?

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