Frank Delos Tyrrell. 10 June 44

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10 June 44

Dear Sis:

Received your cigars to-day. They come in mighty handy for they are hard to get. We have been having a lot of cool cloudy weather. In fact we were over in Wales and damn near had to swim out. Surprising enough we are far enough north that our nights are short. We have twilight until almost midnight. Of course we are ahead of time due to our war time, but it is now 9 o’clock in the evening and I am sitting in my tent writing this. The sun is still up.

What do you hear from Cy and Mable? Is Cy still deferred?

I can well imagine that you are watching the papers for big things are happening.

Midge keeps me pretty well posted on all information that she gets.

We had a dance last evening given by the officers of this Regiment and the next was when my commanding officer and myself were invited over to Sir _____ home for dinner. He lives in a little shack of around 100 odd rooms and the damn thing is lined from one end to the other with paintings of all the old ancestors. The dining room was about the size of the town hall in Bancroft. The old boy was as stiff as hell until we began to tap his scotch whiskey. After a couple he broke down and became quite friendly. I enjoyed the evening very much.

Yesterday I was on a reconnaissance. During the trip I saw the remains of an old castle. It looked like a painting. Without a doubt this country is beautiful in the spring.
Well I must close. My request will be on the next page.

delos to sis 10 june 44

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