Frank Delos Tyrrell, 25 Feb 1945, somewhere in Germany

25 Feb. 45

Somewhere in Germany

Hello Folks:

Just a note to let you know I am still O.K. and living in anticipation that this war will soon be over. I believe this push is going to do the trick. The best part of it all is spring is in the air and it won’t be anything like that hell hole in the Ardennes. [referring to the Battle of the Bulge,

Midge keeps me pretty well informed on the doings of the family. I guess she gets pretty blue once in a while although she never mentions it. Over here we have a safety valve in that we can go on beaucoup parties when we are out of the lines.

I had a funny experience to-day an attached unit plt ldr [platoon leader] walked into the CP. His company commander started to introduce him when I recognized him as a kid I was in the CCC’s with from Aberdeen.

I also have had a couple of opportunities to see my brother in law who was in Belgium when I was there. I guess its a pretty small world after all.

Keep me posted on the home front. By the way I notice by the “De Smet News” where Wanda Barber’s husband is a prisoner. I’ll bet he’s sweating this one out.

Love Terry

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