Frank Tyrrell, Extended active duty orders, August 1941

Screen shot 2014-06-09 at 6.58.11 PM

Office of the Corps Area Commander

ORC 201   Tyrrell, Frank DeLos      Omaha, Nebraska

August 11, 1941
Subject:  Extended Active Duty.

To:    2nd Lt. Frank DeLos Tyrrell, Inf-Res
Bancroft, South Dakota

1. Orders are being issued placing you on extended active duty effective 22 August 1941 on which date you will proceed from your home to Fort Snelling, Minnesota reporting to the commanding officer for temporary duty for the purpose of having a physical examination, final type.
2. If physically qualified you will then proceed to Randolph Field, Texas reporting upon arrival to the commanding office for duty with Air Corps Basic Flying School (non-flying status).
3. Quarters are not available for dependents at permanent station.
4. Do not proceed until formal orders are received.

By command of Brigadier General Uhl.

E.W. Sherman,
Major, CAC,
Acting Asst Adj General

Fort Snelling


Randolph AFB

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