Frank Delos Tyrrell, 20th April 1944

After arriving in Liverpool, then Wales with the 83rd Infantry (The Thunderbolt-more information found on Wikipedia, Terry asked for and received the locations of British Army in the area.

Te. Overton 77  Our Ref:-I/4

Subject-British Army Locations.  20th April 1944

Further to my call on you a few days ago, herewith the information you asked me to let you have:-

Regular Army Troops in the Neighbourhood.

Royal Engineers (Survey Training Centre)


Ruabon. Tel. Ruabon 3163

O.C. Lt. Col. WheelerImage


No 5 Infantry Centre,

Horsley [sic] Hall,


Nr Wrexham.

OC Lt Col. Price  Tel. Rossett 133



Holding Commando,

Hermitage Camp & The Barracks,

Wrexham.  Tel. Wrexham 3088


Now the site of the school,-2.9786569,7010m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x487ac72838698fbf:0xe389c0acff7cd975%5D

Oswestry Garrison R.A.

Park Hall Camp,

Oswestry.  Tel. Oswestry 593


Command Ordnance Depot (Western Command)



OC Lt Col Martin.  Tel. Overton 87.



Home Guard

7th Bn Denflint Home Guard,



Ellesmere  Tel. Overton 77

OC Lt.Col. Sir Edward Hanmer Bart,

Adjutant, Capt. R.B. Asterley R. Sussex Regt.


The Commander of “B” Coy of this Bn. in whose area your Camp is situated is:-

Major B.V. Coates,

School House,


Whirchurch, Salop. [sic]  Tel. Redbrook Maelor 204




Lt. Colonel

Commanding No 7 Battalion Denflint H.G

Then there is some handwritten notes, likely by Frank Tyrrell:

Fenn’s Moss J. 9457

Group Capt. Harmon

Whitchurch RAF 420

Rednold Owestry RAF that use area


Capt Tyrrell

130 here Sunday for meeting

Capt Asterley near

Overton across st.

from Potatoes Pack.

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