Perrys in Montrose South Dakota

Frank and Ella Perry lived in Montrose, South Dakota for much of their lives. Frank Elbert Perry was the brother of Alexander Wallace Perry, and their father was Allen W. Perry.

A Montrose resident was kind enough to look in old editions of the Montrose paper and copy down news about the Perrys, the entries are below:

Jan 2, 1903

A.W. Perry [Alexander] and wife [Abbie Cheney] started Wednesday for a ten day trip to Minnesota. Mrs. Ella Perry went to Yankton and spent Christmas with her sister Mrs. Dr. Perry [Grace Hotchkin, whose husband was Allen Perry].

Jan 16, 1903

A.W. Perry is reported on the sick list this week.

Feb. 6, 1903

Dr. A. Perry was over from Yankton, Thursday, last.

Feb 13, 1903

Another fire-Saturday last there was considerable excitement at A.W. Perry’s residence. Mrs. Perry had left a stove running and something cooking, while she was visiting. During her absence something went wrong and soon there was smoke seen issuing from the building. The bucket brigade was soon out and after carrying out the furniture, stove, etc., the fire was put out. There was considerable damage to the furniture and also much destruction to a part of the building. The main portion of the building escaped almost entirely. The windows were broken and water thrown over everything. We did not learn the amount of damage estimated.

Feb. 20, 1903

The two little lads of A.W. Perry are quite sick with scarlet fever. [These are likely Raymond and George Perry].

Feb. 27, 1903

Tuesday evening, Mr and Mrs Frank E. Perry and Dr and Mrs Howard were invited to spend the evening at the home of Mr and Mrs P.C. Byrne. They spent the time in the enticing game of whist.

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