Edward and Betsy Cheney

Alexander W. Perry married Abigail Cheney in Mankato MN in 1897. Abigail was born in Wisconsin and her father, Hannibal Cheney, was from Brandon Vermont. Her mother, Susan Leonard, was from Massachusetts. A.W. Perry was my great grandfather.

There were other Cheneys who lived in the Mankato area, mostly around Rapidan.

My research in Brandon did not uncover a Hannibal Cheney, however I did find many other Cheneys, a Cheney Hill, and Cheney cemetery.

Edward B Cheney and Betsey Cheney
Edward and Betsey Cheney
Inscription reads:
Edward Cheney.
Died August 22, 1812.
AE 35 yrs.
Wife of
Edward Cheney
Died August 19, 1860
AE 80 yrs.
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2 Responses to Edward and Betsy Cheney

  1. Where in Massachusetts did Susan Leonard come from? I have Leonards in my tree.

  2. Lisa Perry says:

    You know, I am not sure. And looking on Ancestry, Susan might actually be from New York. I will find out more over Christmas.

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