Edwyn Carlisle Perry

Edwyn Carlisle Perry was born in Amboy, Minnesota on Nov 10, 1898 to George and Anna Perry. He was murdered on or about July 1, 1939 in Payette, Idaho. According to newpaper reports on his murder, Edwyn joined the “national guard, and saw service on the Mexican border before the war. Later he spent 19 months in France with the 146th machine gunners.”

The Idaho National Guard unit was activated to go to Arizona during the Mexican Revolution to guard the US border. According to the historical notes attached to the archive collection at Utah State University, the unit was at Fort Huachuca, Nogales, Arizona from July to December 1916. http://uda-db.orbiscascade.org/ark:/80444/xv05407
The 41st Division, 146th Machine Gunners trained at Camp Fremont, in what is now downtown Menlo Park and parts of Stanford University, before being sent to France. http://freepages.military.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~worldwarone/WWI/divisions.html#Forty-first

Even though Edwyn was born three short months after my grandfather in the same small town, my family did not know anything about him or the rest of the family who moved to Idaho.

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