Charles Perry, railroad man

Charles James Perry was the first-born child of James Perry and Lydia Smith. He was born in Savannah, Illinois in 1853 and grew up in Minnesota. Sometime in the 1870s he moved to St. Paul Minnesota and started working for the railroad. He and his family lived not too far from what is now Bandana Square, which was the transfer yard for the Minnesota Transfer Railway.

Until I make my next visit to a site, I am spending time reading google books. Today, the history of the Minnesota Transfer Railway and the Switchmen’s Union. Charles Perry was part of the Union and an officer. I figure he has to be mentioned somewhere.

I think I have found one mention, in a 1919 edition. It is a Ladies’ Auxiliary to the union note.

Screen shot 2013-11-12 at 1.02.54 PM

Just a few lines to our JOURNAL readers from Midway Lodge No. 24, L.A. to S.U.We had a fairly good attendance at out last night meeting and we would surely be pleased to have all the sisters with us at every meeting…Also wish to thank Bros. Nagle and Perry, who assisted us at the door and in the check room. Call on us, brothers, if at any time you need help and we will be right there to help you…

Journal of the Switchman’s Union.

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