Thomas Swale, dishwasher story

Thomas Swale, dishwasher story

Clip from wire service about TN Swale in fight with dishwasher, Bemidji Pioneer, 1921

Commander of Legion’s Washington Department Licked Kitchen Boss, Then Took His Job.
The story of how a fist fight made him a dish washer is told be Thomas W. Swale, commander of the American Legion’s department of the state of Washington.

While the downtrodden bookkeeper of a Great Northern construction gang, Swale was cajoled into an encounter with the gang’s bully, who held the rank of camp cleanser of the pots and pans. The fight become rough, the bookkeeper knocked out the dish washer and the foreman forthwith made up for lack of person by assigning Swale to wash the dishes until the beaten kitchen mechanic could return from the hospital.

After gaining an education, Swale, at twenty-three years and 200 pounds, was the “baby of the Washington legislature,” serving for two terms. During the war he served in the army intelligence section in charge of I.W.W. investigations in the Pacific Northwest. He is a practicing lawyer in Seattle, Wash.

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