Waiting for information

Sending off requests for information to libraries can be a time and money-saving way to do genealogy research. The first time I was surprised by how quickly the information came back. This time I am waiting, waiting, waiting…
I know the request was received as my check was cashed. I hope the wait is worth it with some positive information about James S Perry in Girard, Kansas.

While I wait I do searches on google. This week I found out more on Thomas Nelings Swale, who worked as a lawyer in Washington state. It turns out he was active in the American Legion and with anti-Japanese committees in the early 20th century. I am finding many publications he has co-authored and tracts he supported. After visiting the Japanese-American Museum in San Jose, reading these publications are fascinating.
I suppose there will be more racists in the family tree. And while Thomas Swale is a product of the times, he certainly was vociferous in his point of view.
One such document can be found here Oriental Question

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