Tulare County

I finally made the genealogy trip to the central valley.

Excellent libraries in Tulare, Lindsay and Visalia. Visalia has a local history room with a helpful librarian. Lindsay had the most complete set of Lindsay newspapers on microfilm, unfortunately their reader was old, with a dim bulb, so reading more than 60 minutes at a time was too much for these eyes. Tulare had a genealogy library and a very helpful librarian.

The Tulare county courthouse was big city enough to be unfriendly and small town enough to not have things indexed. A poor combination. To use the records rooms you need to go through security, standard metal detector and x-ray for bags. The probate records are in an office on the second floor. They have no online or printed index system in the open, you need to make a written request and a person brings out the index which you look at in a sideroom. The first request for the 1910 probate records resulted in my being given an index starting in 1969. If you go, be insistent that they go back for older records. The fact that the clerk did not know there were older records makes me think that there are other resources for the records. Or no one does genealogy research in Tulare county. Or she was stupid.

The property records are not indexed by grantor/grantee for the early 1900s. They are, instead, indexed by tract (of course) and year. The records are openly available on microfilm to look at.

So I found no new substantive information on Allen Perry. I did find a social page mention from about 3 months before he died saying he was sicker and likely wouldn’t recover. And I went to the cemetery where he is buried. Very pretty, in the middle of citrus orchards with the Sierras to the east.

I will head back there when the tombstone is ordered and ready to be placed to see that happen. Maybe have a little service.

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