Philip Tirrell

Transcript of will for Philip Tirrell, Denton, Lincolnshire.Document1

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  1. Sandra Hales says:

    Hi we are related to the Tirrell/Tyrrell family through our paternal side. Our grandfather was the illegitimate son of John Tyrrell (of Lincolnshire) and his servant Emma Pepper (aged 15). Our names are Sandra and Caroline nee Pepper. We have a lot of info on the Tyrrell family, but are trying to find John Tyrrell’s wife’s (Ann or Annie) maiden name (if he was in fact married to her). She was born in Lincolnshire England, so assume she emigrated too. They had a daughter Maud(e) born in Boston, USA in 1873. Philip Tirrell is John’s father and mother is Sarah Bescoby, married in 1847. We have a lot of info on the Bescoby line if you would like any. Look forward to hearing if you can help us. Regards,

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