Dr. Allen W Perry, Lindsay California

Years of searching and more years of not even knowing, my dad finally uncovered information about his great-grandfather’s death.

Allen Wallace Perry was born in Arlington MN on March 13, 1856. His twin sister, Alice, married Elbert Keith and moved to Idaho.

Allen married Ada Hazel in Sterling Center, MN in 1873. They had two sons in Minnesota, Alexander and Frank. Then they moved to Madison, SD and had two daughters, Daisy and Belle. While in Madison, Allen owned a bar. In fact, he was served with an injunction to stop selling beer once the county went dry. He violated the injunction. Ada died in Madison in 1888. Allen and his children moved to Montrose, SD. In 1890 Allen married Grace Hotchkin. Some say Grace eventually was committed to the Iowa State Hospital in Independence. I have no definitive proof.

Allen owned a saloon in Montrose, and lived there until 1904. Then he went to Lindsay, California. Lindsay is a small farming community in Tulare County, just west of the Sierras and Kings and Sequoia National Parks. In Lindsay, Allen appears in the voting records and the 1910 census as a veterinary surgeon. When he died in 1910, there was a front page article in the Lindsay Gazette “Dr A.W. Perry Died Yesterday.”

Allen had been ill for three months with dropsy, or edema. He had 8 operations performed on him while he was ill and had a nurse for the last 10 weeks of his life. I think he imbibed a little too much. As the paper said “He was of a good-hearted disposition but was his own worst enemy.”

So why Lindsay? Why a veterinary surgeon? Who took care of paying for his embalming/burial? What was his life like in Lindsay? Did he ever write his sons or daughters? He knew that Belle married Daniel Lathrop and was in Texas. Did they know anything about him?

There is no marker in the Olive Cemetery where he rests. There is, in fact, a 2 year old buried on top of him. My dad wants to get a marker.

That’s all for now.


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