Tom Tyrrell Jr, Celia Perry, Christina Tyrrell, Millie Tyrrell

No specific genealogy post today. I want to give belated thanks to people.

To my parents, who instilled and encouraged an interest in history and my family from a young age. All those cemeteries, all those courthouses, all those trips to little towns and wide spots that used to be towns, I still love to do these things! And the stories that everyone in the family told. Some scary to teach us lessons about natural dangers, some funny, some sad, some heroic–all serve to reinforce the importance of family and friend.

To Aunt Diane and Aunt Theo who saved items and have been very free with spreading them to others.

To Jan, Jana, Tara, Dick, Kay and all the Tyrrells–especially George– for being a wealth of information. I have  learned a lot from George and hope he gets his files sorted!!

To my sisters for insisting we spend part of each Christmas going through pictures and watching old movies.

To the county court clerks and librarians for being keepers of record.

Keep making stories!

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One Response to Thanksgiving

  1. Jana Gaffer says:

    Lisa – thank you for keeping the genealogy going! We all love it so much and it was instilled in our heads by George!! I think that is what makes a Tyrrell a Tyrrell – or a Perry a Perry that respect of history and what went before and that drive to try different things!

    Have a great day!!
    Love, Jana

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