Daniel T. Nelings

Daniel T Nelings was the brother of William and James, who fought in the Civil War. D.T. married Elmina Osborne in Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin (Isn’t that “Prairie Dog, WI?).


  • They both still lived in Iowa at the time, so I am guessing (without looking at my notes) that they were underage or, less likely, her family was back there.  Her family being from WI is not as likely because the witnesses to the marriage were not Osbornes. Could be her married sister.
  • Springfield IA is a long way from where the rest of the family was, in northern Iowa Clayton County.
  • The date is smudged or erased. Perhaps a baby on the way?

Anyway, D.T. and his family eventually moved to South Dakota, near Huron, and filed a homestead claim with the federal government. Two of D.T.’s daughters married Thomas B. Tyrrell and Thomas Tyrrell, Jr. (father and son). Thomas Jr is my great-grandfather.

Nelings Osborne marriage Wisconsin

Daniel T Nelings and Elmina Osborne

homestead land Nelings South Dakota

Homestead filing of D.T. Nelings

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