Jessie Annette Jack Hooper

Jessie Jack Hooper dau Mary Nelings

Jessie Jack Hooper

Born 1865 in Iowa, died May 8, 1935.

Jessie Jack was the daughter of David Hayes Jack and Mary Elizabeth Nelings. David Hayes Jack, picture below, mustered into a unit from Iowa in the Civil War. When he returned to Iowa, he married Mary Nelings, second great grand aunt of the author.

David Jack, c. 1860

Jessie married Ben Hooper, and as best related by the Oshkosh WI paper:

Suffragist moves to town

Jessie Annette Jack, a native of Iowa, came to Oshkosh in 1881 when she married attorney Ben Hooper. It was not long after that she became involved in the suffragist movement. And in 1920, she founded the Wisconsin League of Women Voters. Even though she did not belong to a political party, she was nominated (and defeated) as a Democratic candidate for the U.S. Senate in 1922. An advocate for peace and a local leader in World War I war work, she founded the National Conference on the Cause and Cure of War and was a representative at the Geneva Disarmament Conference in 1932.
Oshkosh Northwestern, Posted Mar. 30, 2003

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