William H. Nelings Civil War Pension

William H Nelings came with his family from Pennsylvania, Lower Oxford area, to Iowa in the mid 1800s. They settled in Clayton County, around National. William enlisted with his brother James and a likely cousin Daniel A. Nelings (later spelled Neelings) and fought for the Union. Like many veterans, he applied for a pension based on his injuries received during the war. Compared to Daniel and James, he was lucky. Daniel suffered heat stroke and likely PTSD and was committed to a hospital for the insane twice and James was killed by typhoid fever after being sent to Minnesota to help deliver food after the Sioux Uprising. More on Daniel and James in later posts.

Until I can figure out how to post thumbnails of pdfs and doc files, here are the links. The first 2 links are pdfs of the actual filings. The links below Pension 1 and 2 are transcriptions.

wh nelings pension pt 1

wh nelings pension pt 2





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