Frank Delos Tyrrell. Somewhere in Germany. 13 April 45

Somewhere in Germany 13 April 45

Dear Sis and Family:

Just a note to let you know I am O.K. I don’t have much time to write to anyone now days for when we are pushing we go night and day catching a cat nap when we can. You get so damn tired you loose all sense of time dates and days. I hope that it ends soon. When you get that tired you get careless and that’s what I did the other day and damn near for mine from a sniper. I think I learned my lesson and it wan’t happen again. From now on I shoot first and ask questions later. They are a dirty sneaking bunch of rotten bastards. They are whipped and know it but still keep on fighting. Well one consolation, they can’t keep it up much longer. Although I don’t think the country will ever fall like it did on the last war I think we are fighting a war of occupation right now. I think we will have to occupy the whole country by force and hold it the same way.

Sorry to hear that you couldn’t make the trip to the coast.¬† I will be stopping in when we go through if they don’t ship us to the CBI theater before we have a chance to breathe.

Pass my letter or the news I am O.K. on. I don’t expect to write. I do well to get one off to Midge more than once or twice a week.



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Frank Delos Tyrrell. Somewhere in Luxembourg. 1 Nov 44

Somewhere in Luxembourg  1 Nov 44

Dear Sis, Geo and Kids:

I have a Nazi flag all packed ready for mailing if I ever get the chance. It is rather large but only made out of cotton. I have been on the look out for a large silk one.

It looks like this damn thing might drag out for some time. I understand that the people back home had the war won when we were tearing across France. I don’t see how they can be so damn foolish. This is a dirty rotten mess. I hope to hell Tommy never gets a look at anything like it.

To keep our mind off from fighting we raise a lot of hell when he have the chance. I guess the best way to describe it would be to say we do everything that would be prohibited in the States. I have drank more champagne than I ever saw in America. I got a little hot one day a couple of months ago and cleaned up around $1400.00. What a time for a couple of weeks until I counted up and only had around $1000.00 left so I started sending some home to Midge. I sent her around $700.00 and keep enough for a couple of parties.

I am going to look for another game one of these nights and see what happens. Don’t mention this to Midge as she still is in the dark about where the extra dough comes from.

We are entitled to wear three battle stars on our campaign ribbon, and I have been given the bronze star. Not much an award, about as low as they come, but it brings back memories of a hole I will never be in again if I can help it. I don’t mind seeing the bastards killed, but I would sooner have it at a little longer range.

Good night for now.


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Frank Delos Tyrrell Oct 6 1944. Somewhere in Europe

Somewhere???? 6 Oct 44

Dear Sis:

I received your package to-day. It has been so long since I have had a good cigar that I smoked Tommy’s first so I would enjoy it more.
Midge keeps me pretty well posted on all the family even though I don’t have time and I don’t write often when I do have time.
I bought several bottles of good perfume for Midge. I ams ending it through a little at a time. If it all goes through OK I’ll mail her some more. Otherwise I’ll hang on to it until the war is over. I have been buying all the “Chanel” #5 and #22 I can get. It’s fairy cheap in France but as expensive as hell in America.
I I remember, Maynard Muilenberg’s number correctly mine is two less than his.
I sent Midge some cameras and I have one very good one that I am carrying. It belonged to a Gerry major but the son of a bitch won’t miss it now. I took 2 rolls of film, but didn’t understand all the gadgets so the pictures didn’t turn out. I think I have learned how to run it so I should get some good pictures of Adolph’s country.
I’ll send you a good Gerry flag as soon as we get into Germany.
Thanks again to you and the kids for the cigars.
Tell George to have a jug on hand because I am going to celebrate from New York to Seattle. I have sent Midge a few hundred dollars from my earnings (?) to finance one hell of a big party.
Every one has their idea of when the war with Germany will end. My idea is October will damn near see the end if not its end. I can dream can’t I.

So long for now


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Frank Delos Tyrrell, 22 Sept 1945, Germany

22 Sept. 45

Dear Sis [Celia Perry]:

I just returned from a 7 day leave on the French Riviera. I had a hell of a swell time. We flew to Nice from Munich crossing the Alps on both trips. The place or town where I stayed was Cannes, staying in the best hotels and getting tight with Mrs Rich Bitch the cream of French society is an enjoyable time for a short time, but at the end of 7 days you begin to need sleep and run low on cash. So are ready to come home.

I think I’ll be wanting to use some of those shells I am doing my damnedest to get transferred to a unit which is coming home. I have 94 points which makes my chance of a transfer pretty good. This outfit is almost like a new division because we have had so many officers and men ship out in the past few weeks and are getting low pointers in from other outfits.

You might tell anybody that was going to write to send letters to our address in Seattle from now on and contact the DeSmet News if you will to send my remaining copies to Seattle.

Don’t write to me anymore for I am pretty sure of leaving the Division in a week or 2 to start for home.


If I get a chance I will drop a line when I leave.

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Frank Delos Tyrrell, 8 Sept 44

8 Sept 44

Dear Sis:

Just got your letter, dated Aug 10, to-day. If you don’t send them air mail they certainly come slow.

I don’t have a swastika to send you but here is the color patch from a German sailor’s summer uniform. It might make a nice pillow cover or something. I don’t pick up many souvenirs. They are too hard to carry. I have a nice camera and a couple of pistols. I did send a few home.

Things look pretty good from the rounds of the news broadcasts. I sure hope to hell it ends pretty soon as I am getting damn sick of it.  We have a lot of fun and have a few big parties but it is still going to be nice to have it end.

I have my testament I think it is in my field bag and as good as new.

Well I will bring this to a close. Hello to all the folks.


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Frank Delos Tyrrell, 22 July 44

22 July 44

Dear Sis, Geo and Kids:

Just a note to let you know I am still OK. Things get a little rough now and then, but I think we have seen about as tough going as we can expect.

Now all I am doing is waiting for the damn gerries to throw in the sponge. When that time comes your little brother is going to do a hell of a lot of celebrating and I do mean celebrate. I haven’t spent a cent since I left England as I can well imagine I will be able to make up for lost time. Some one just mentioned that tomorrow was Sunday. Every day is the same in Normandy as far as I am concerned.

Say hello to the Nelings and tell Bess I received her letters and will write when possible.



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Frank Delos Tyrrell, 2 July 44

2 July 44

Dear Sis & family:

Just a note to let you know I am OK. Although I have opened more cans since I left France than I ever opened in my life before.

We get good rations, cigarettes, and some candy. However they neglected some of us by not giving us any cigars. The ones you sent me were O.K. I am not particular about what kind they are just so they are cigars.

I think I wrote and told you I was in France. We are in combat over here. In a way its OK because the sooner we get into things the quicker it will be over and baby that can’t be too quick to suit me.

Once I get back to Seattle you will probably never see me again course I think my traveling days are over.

Major Brown asked me who I was writing to. He said to tell you to buy all the whiskey you can and we will stop in on our way back to the coast.

I wonder if I will get to Berlin and Paris. We missed New York and London so it wouldn’t surprise me a whole lot to be sent back to the states before I get to see either one of those cities.

Well it looks like I have a lot of work to do so I will close this and get busy.

As ever,


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